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The Cannabis Odor Spray from Odor Hero is one of the first products with a focus to neutralize cannabis odor (marijuana) on clothing and people working in or around the cannabis industry.

Its organic formula has zero chemicals and is 100% plant and people safe. When neutralizing cannabis odor, the unique, non-toxic, hypoallergenic formula has been found to have zero adverse side effects when used around grow operations.

Though this proprietary formulation has gone through several stages of improvements over the years, the current proprietary A4 blend is stronger and more effective than any before it, yet it remains completely safe enough to spray directly on your skin.

Perhaps the most impressive feature about the formulation is that it DOES NOT hold an odor. This is no accident. What most people do not realize is that every odor eliminator or masking agent on the market that contains a scent or some sort of fresh smell, also contains an oil. The side effect from that is that every time you use the product, you are displacing oil into the air. While we agree that not all oil is bad, many people using those kind of products are not fully aware of it. The 8-oz artificially scented, metal aerosol can found at your local grocery store for $5.99 is a prime example of that.

The cannabis industry is well aware that spraying any kind of foreign substances or chemicals around grow operations is detrimental. Doing so can have huge implications, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in producing a sub-par product. What might be worse is the loss of credibility and trust from those who buy it. The attraction for the Cannabis Odor Spray is that when used, no foreign substances, oils or chemicals of any kind are being sprayed. None!

The proprietary blend of purified, deionized water and organic and inorganic salts uses an oxidation process to eliminate odor. We have found the product can work differently on different surfaces. As an example, it may work relatively fast (several seconds) on hard surfaces like counter tops and desks. On thicker, dense and more absorbent clothing, the oxidation process may take longer. Odor molecules (terpenes) can be absorbed into those types of surfaces, and for that reason a heavier or 2nd application may be needed after a brief wait time.

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