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Even though you may enjoy the smell of cannabis, there are some places you shouldn’t go smelling like the greenhouse. The post office, your Insurance company, court, the bank / credit union and especially the airport, just to name a few.

The Cannabis Odor Eliminator from Odor Hero is one of the first products with a focus to neutralize cannabis odor (marijuana) on clothing and people working in or around the cannabis industry. With it’s organic formula being plant and people safe, you can have peace of mind knowing no harmful chemicals are ever being sprayed on or around you. In fact, the unique, non-toxic, hypoallergenic formula has been found to have zero adverse side effects when used around grow operations.

The all natural, eco-friendly formula does not contain a scent. This is no accident. This also means it does not contain any oil. This is part of what makes Odor Hero an ideal odor eliminator to neutralize those pesky terpenes that seem to stick to everything they come in contact with.  Shelf life is 2 years from date of purchase

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