Cannabis Odor Eliminator


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The demo bottle is the ideal way to introduce you to the Odor Hero family and at the same time, give you enough product to put it to the test and use it on any unwanted odors you may have.

When you receive the bottle, you will first notice it is not full. This is not an accident. We give you less to cut down the cost of shipping yet give you enough to use, test and work with. Same leading formula, just in a smaller quantity.

Order a demo bottle and put it to the test. Find out for yourself if you like the smell of… nothing! No flowers, no pine or evergreen sent after you use it. Just good old fashion clean, fresh air.

There is no shipping cost on a demo bottle!

Sorry, quantity is limited to a single bottle p/ order. Please choose which bottle from the odor Hero line up you would like to demo.


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